Dangerous Driveways, Paving & Decking
Over a period of time mildew, moss and algae can build up over the winter period causing the pathways, drives and decking around your property to become very slippery and dangerous. According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), around 11,000 major injuries a year are caused by slips and trips in the workplace. That total is only the tip of the iceberg and does not take into account the many thousands more which take place in and around public area and people’s homes.

Using our specialist high pressure cleaning equipment all these hazards can be removed completely to leave you with a clean and safe environment for everyone.

Oil Stains
Oil stains can be very unsightly and dangerous. They can be pre-treated with a specialist degreaser and then using our specialist high pressure cleaning equipment the area can be thoroughly cleaned, depending on the porosity of the surface being cleaned some oil stains cannot be completely removed but they will be improved significantly.

Maintenance Plan
With a little bit of maintenance from yourself, your paving will continue to look good all year round and continue to add value to your property, whilst being the envy of your neighbours and people passing by.

However, if you would prefer someone else to carry out regular maintenance of your paving then we can offer you that service. Under normal circumstances this involves three visits per year and will usually keep your paving looking good for longer.

If you are interested in having a “no contract” yearly maintenance plan for your property then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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