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Block paved driveways are very expensive to have installed. They look fantastic and really enhance your property when first completed but left unprotected they can become a real eyesore and an accident waiting to happen.  Because they are porous your block paved driveway will, over a period of time get covered in moss, weeds, grime and algae. In turn this makes it a high risk area for slips and falls.We offer from “clean only” to a complete six step cleaning plan to restore and revive your block paved driveway to a “just laid” pristine condition. Details of the steps are shown below:

Step 1:  A complete and professional clean of the work area is carried out using a very efficient high powered rotary headed pressure cleaner. This removes the build up of algae, grime, lichen’s, moss and weeds which are the main cause for most slips and falls for the young and elderly around the home.

Step 2: The area is then examined and any remaining stains such as oil or mortar patches will be given specific remedial action to help remove them, but due to the porous nature of the blocks it may not be possible to completely remove them but they would be significantly reduced.

Step 3: (Optional) The cleaned area is then treated with a environmentally friendly broad spectrum fungicidal weed killer (as per manufacturer’s instructions) to eliminate any remaining fungal spores and re-growth of weeds.

Step 4: After cleaning and when the area is completely dry, the next step to fully restore the block paving to a prime condition is to use a soft broom to brush in new pure kiln dried silica sand into the joints, this will add to the stabilisation of the block paving. Any excess is removed by means of a garden blower.

Step 5: (Optional) To help provide you with a longer lasting finish, We can coat the paving with either a clear matt or gloss sealant. This will help to reduce future staining, enhance the natural colour of the block paving and prevent the further growth of algae, grime, lichen’s, moss and weeds. The acrylic sealant is sprayed on in a two coat application ensuring that each block paver and the sand surrounding it is saturated to provide the best protective solution.  All of the materials we use are of the highest standard and are sourced from quality suppliers.

The benefits of this sealing option are wide and varied such as.....  

  • Protects from frost damage and increases life span of driveway
  • Reduces colour fade with UV shield and enhances surface colour. 
  • Inhibits weeds, moss and algae and prevents penetration of dirt, oils and fuels. 
  • Sets joint sand hard preventing sand loss and stops ant infestations.

Step 6: We will then take great care and tidy up and clean the driveway and surrounding area, rinsing down and even cleaning the windows if need be, to ensure we leave the area in tip top condition for you to enjoy.

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Our mission is to carry out all work in a timely, efficient, reliable and professional manner always aiming for the highest quality results at very reasonable costs. All our clients will receive courtesy as standard. We care very much about customer satisfaction and will ask them for feedback following each job on how they rate us and our services, this is our quest for continuous improvement and OTIFNE (On time – In full – No errors)